R & D Process

  • Quality and Characterization of Excipients

    The characterization of various excipients is vital to help build quality in to the drug product without compromising on its chemical and physical properties. Further, this process ensures that the excipient offers compliance, consistency, processability, functionality and above all stability.


  • Analytical Development

    Based on the formulation requirement (e.g.: solid dosage forms, liquid dosage forms, etc.), the Preformulation studies are conducted to determine the physico-chemical properties such as solubility at various pH, temperatures and solvents ...


  • Product Development Strategy Evaluation

    The Product development strategy lays emphasis on integrating the biophysical and biochemical characterization of your molecule with the final product formats, thereby developing a formulation that will ensure stability and offer compliance.

  • Lab Scale Development

    In order to test the dosage formals integrational properties or co-efficiency with that of the excipients, or to obtain various regulatory clearences, Crest Cellulose provides various excipients that are developed as Lab scale batches.

  • Development of Product and its Grading

    A successful excipient is the one that bonds well with the respective Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. Hence, its development too is a very crucial process. The excipient when integrated with the API, has to offer optimum dosing compliance ...


  • Scale-up / Process Optimization

    Since the Lab-scale batches are tested and validated for stability and compliance, the process of Scale-up through technology transfer ensures that the same methods and processes are maintained throughout the large-scale manufacturing process ...


  • Stability Studies and Product Development Reports

    Our Stability studies are well documented and specific formulation related questions, such as formulation optimization stability, re-formulation, and primary-packaging queries, are regularly addressed as per client requests.