Mangnesium Stearate

LubriCrest (Mangnesium Stearate)

Magnesium stearate consists of a magnesium salt joined by an ionic bond to two stearic acid molecules. Stearic acid, a saturated fat, is 18 carbons long and is common in our diet. This gives magnesium stearate a complex molecular formula of Mg (C18H35O2)2. Magnesium stearate has lubricating properties, preventing ingredients from sticking to manufacturing equipment during the compression of chemical powders into solid tablets; magnesium stearate is the most commonly used lubricant for tablets. Magnesium stearate is also used to bind sugar in hard candies like mints, and is a common ingredient in baby formulas.

Magnesium stearate is stable and should be stored in a well-closed container in a cool, dry place. Magnesium stearate is hydrophobic and may retard the dissolution of a drug from a solid dosage form; the lowest possible concentration is therefore used in such formulations


  • An effective lubricant for optimum product strength.

Applications of the Product

  • Primarily used as a lubricant in capsule and tablet formulations.
  • Widely used in cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Used in making dark chocolates.