Croscarmellose Sodium

CRESTCROSS (Croscarmellose Sodium)

Croscarmellose Sodium is cross-linked Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium. Cross-linking is accomplished by removal of water molecule from two molecules of soluble carboxymethylcellulose Sodium. The CCS made by Crest Cellulose aids in the disintegration and dissolution of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement tablets, capsules, and granules. The CCS made by Crest Cellulose has the consistency in disintegration functionality. This results in high-quality super disintegrant. Its characteristic of faster disintegration makes it known as super disintegrant. The cross-linked chemical structure of CCS creates an insoluble, hydrophilic, and highly absorbent excipient that results in exceptional swelling properties.

Croscarmellose sodium occurs as an odorless, white or grayishwhite powder. Insoluble in water, although croscarmellose sodium rapidly swells to 4–8 times its original volume on contact with water. Practically insoluble in acetone, ethanol and toluene croscarmellose sodium is a stable though hygroscopic material.


  • A fine disintegration offering better product compliance.

Applications of the Product

  • Found to be effective when used in intra granular or extra granular portion of the formulation.
  • It is most effective product available because of the strong swelling force.
  • The combination of rapid water penetration into tablets through the hydrophilic. fibrous particles and the subsequent development of strong disintegration force make croscarmellose sodium a very effective super disintegrant.